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February 13, 2018 - admin

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Does your breath smell fresh? Did you check lately? Having a healthy and fresh breath not only makes you feel good and healthy, but also boosts your confidence. It is one of the most common things we tend to ignore or be unaware of.

The first step to treating bad breath is to know that you have it. Often times your colleagues at work or friends may notice you have bad breath. They may not tell you because it can be embarrassing for you and for them.

Bad breath is treatable. If you know what causes bad breath, you can prevent it or correct it with the help of your dentist or hygienist. The reasons causing bad breath could be many. Only your dentist can help you address it, after checking on various factors such as your oral habits, dental and overall health (underlying diseases), dental hygiene, your food habits etc.

Some of the common causes of bad breath are:

  • Lack of oral hygiene: The most common cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. Without regular brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning, bacteria build up between your teeth, gums and tongue which cause bad breath. gum disease and tooth decay too.
  • Food Habits: Eating sticky and sugary foods all-round the day, without rinsing your mouth frequently can build up bacteria on your teeth. Excessive sugar, oil and starch in the diet deteriorate oral health in the long term.
  • Dry mouth: Dehydration is a common problem that can encourage bacteria to thrive if you have a dry mouth from dehydration.
  • Mouth Infection: Cavities, gum disease, or impacted teeth may also cause bad breath. In case you have braces or dentures and oral hygiene is neglected (not rinsing your mouth or cleaning your appliances) food particles get lodged between the teeth causing bacteria and odor.
  • Tobacco products: Smoking or chewing tobacco also results in a smelly breath.
  • Internal problems: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is a common condition that sometimes leads to the foul smell in the mouth till the disease gets treated permanently. Various breathing and nasal problems also lead to the development of bad breath in many cases.

You can check your breath frequently, especially when you have above-referred causes, and ask your family member if they can smell bad breath from your mouth. If you feel a different type of taste when you wake up from sleep, then there are chances that sooner or later you will have bad breath. Also, if you have bleeding gums quite often at night or while brushing teeth, the chances of getting bad breath are high.

Langley Dental Centre will ensure that your bad breath problems are dealt in a positive way. The dentist may advise one or more of the following:

  • Teeth cleaning at the dentist office is often performed by an ultrasonic scaler and occasionally with hand instruments, to remove hard deposits and stains on tooth surfaces. Routine teeth cleaning is recommended once in six months to remove the accumulated debris, plaque and tartar.
  • Dental Exam: Routine teeth cleanings can be combined with your dental exams or can be scheduled as separate appointments
  • Experience: At Langley Dental Centre in Langley BC, you can expect professional service with friendly and gentle dentists in a relaxing environment. Located centrally in Langley BC, we’re proud to be local and easily accessible!
  • Convenient timings: We are currently accepting new patients and dental hygiene appointments and are available on weekdays, weekends and evenings too.
  • Insurance: We accept all insurances and all major credit and debit cards. We can submit a pre-treatment plan to your dental plan administrator to obtain a pre-determination of benefits.

Bad breath should be treated before it gets chronic or becoming an embarrassment for you. So, take the time to visit your friendly dentist at Langley Dental Centre.

Call 604-455-6247 to set up an appointment for a dental exam.

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