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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Langley Dental Centre in Langley BC

Restore your Smile and Life with Dental Implants

Dental Implants have changed the face of dentistry and the lives of those with missing tooth or teeth, with latest advanced technologies. Implants offer an effective solution by replacing missing or compromised teeth, enhancing the quality of life, from enjoying your favourite foods to a more confident self with a natural smile.

Today’s modern treatment techniques offer options ranging from replacing a single missing tooth or the complete arch, that look, feel and function like natural teeth. Dental implants improve your chewing function, and maintain the facial contours and can prevent premature ageing.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium screws that function as the roots of teeth and anchor the crowns to the jaw bone. They are surgically inserted into the jaw bone, an abutment is used to attach a prosthetic tooth and finally a porcelain or porcelain fused to metal crown is placed over the dental implant. Dental Implants serve as posts for customized dental crowns placed on the posts. These titanium posts are specially coated with a material that stimulates new bone formation and are biocompatible, safe and durable. On placing the crown on the post, it mimics the natural tooth.

Who Can Get Dental Implants?

Before you are considered for implants, your dentist will examine your mouth and review your medical and dental history to determine if you have adequate bone quality and quantity. Should your case turn out to be unfavourable for implants, bone grafting may be recommended to make implants possible.

Why Implants over Traditional Methods of Replacing Missing Teeth?

Dental Implants far outweigh the traditional crowns and bridges, full or partial dentures as options for fixed tooth replacement:

a) Implants do not disturb adjacent healthy teeth
b) Are a proven way to prevent bone loss
c) Improve speech and chewing function
d) Significantly increase the retention and stability of dentures
e) Prevent premature ageing

Hence dental implants are considered as the standard of care for missing tooth, by several leading dental organizations.

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Reasons why you should choose Langley Dental Centre for Dental Implants in Langley BC

Patient Comfort: Our patients spend much less time in the chair as we use the latest techniques like oral or IV sedation to make our patients more comfortable. Sedation is very popular during implant placement and very effective. This is done intravenously during the treatment or orally, in tablet form the night before and on the morning of treatment.

Latest Technology: We use the state-of-the-art equipment such as CAD / CAM technologies, to get best treatment outcomes. This makes it simpler and comfortable for the patient and enables precise treatment for the Oral Surgeon. We use Nobel Biocare, Implant Direct and Hiossen implant systems ensuring you have the best implants that are safe and durable.

Follow up: Our patients are followed up after the treatment to ensure they do not miss out on the regular checkups post-treatment.

Dentist’s Availability: We are flexible in accommodating emergency cases, minimizing the delays in treatment and available in the evenings and weekends for the convenience of our patients.

Dental Implant Experts: Our team of Implant Specialists, Oral Surgeons and Prosthodontists are knowledgeable, experienced and have the expertise to perform implant procedures with a success rate of 95-98%.

After evaluating your overall health and the jaw bone quality and quantity our implant specialists explain the entire treatment plan and process, to the patient to help him/her make informed decisions.

Clinic Ambience: Our Dental Centre has a calming and hygienic ambience, friendly staff who care about our patients’ comfort, safety and security.

Insurance: We accept all dental insurance plans that are common in British Columbia. We obtain all the insurance details (eg. Policy, ID numbers etc.) from the patient and check with the concerned insurance company too. Once the treatment is done, the claim is electronically sent to the insurance company for payment to our office. The payment is received within 2-10 days. In situations where the patients do not have an insurance, the payment can be made by VISA, Mastercard, or Debit card.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are several reasons why Dental Implants are the right option to replace a missing tooth or set of teeth. Dental Implants:

  • Are a sure solution to replacing missing teeth because they offer a permanent solution.
  • Preserve surrounding (natural) teeth because they do not need adjacent teeth for support.
  • Maintain the thickness and density of the jaw bone with the biting forces
  • Look, feel and function like your own natural teeth.
  • Allow you to speak, laugh and smile with confidence.
  • They are a one-time investment and usually last a lifetime.
  • Unlike Dentures they are comfortable and stay in place
  • Are cost-effective, considering the long-term benefits
  • Implants can give you the ability to eat a variety of foods that keep you healthy
  • Improve your confidence and quality of your life
  • Help you enjoy an active lifestyle
  • Restore youthful looks
Patient Testimonials
Olivia Williams

Getting dental implants for my complete upper jaw has changed my life drastically. I go regularly for my checkup at Langley Dental Centre  in Langley BC. Great job done by implant specialists, skilled and well trained. My husband also got his implants done here. Both of us are happy with our experience at this dental office…….

– Olivia Williams

September 16, 2017