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Invisalign – A Straight Smile with an Invisible Device

Are you compromising on your smile due to protruded, crowded or irregular teeth? Think Invisalign aligners – an orthodontic treatment that helps you straighten your teeth without the use of the typical gun metal brackets strapped on the teeth.

Invisalign is a new device that is virtually invisible and promises a straight smile while being soft on the eye and still maintaining the esthetic appeal. It involves wearing a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners that help shift your teeth into proper position using the right amount of force, in the right place at the right time.

Invisalign Treatment Process

Set up a consultation with Langley Dental Centre’s Orthodontists and certified Invisalign experts to understand your needs. Learn about every step of the treatment process to creating a new confident Smile. Get an assessment of your smile with our Dentists. Call (604) 455 – 6247

Invisalign aligners are kept in place 24-hours a day except when you are brushing, flossing and eating. The aligners are changed every two to three weeks as the teeth straighten.

Why choose Langley Dental Centre for Invisalign in Langley BC

Invisalign Treatment Plan

Customized Plan: Your doctor will use precise 3D digital images of your teeth or take physical impressions. The treatment plan is mapped out to create a precise path that indicates the exact movement of your teeth and the duration of the treatment. You can actually preview your new smile and predict how it will look.
Invisalign Clear Aligners: The treatment consists of multiple, custom aligning trays which are changed over several weeks to correspond with the new teeth configuration. Invisalign® trays enable temporary removal for special occasions like social functions, photo-shoots etc. allowing you to have control of removing them during the overall treatment. The aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours for effective treatment outcome.
Progress Assessed: Over a period of time you will see your teeth gently and gradually shift into place. Your dentist may recommend a new set of aligners every week and schedule check-ups every six or seven weeks. At every stage you can see your progress.
Patient Satisfaction: Most patients using Invisalign® aligners express satisfaction with the treatment process, with the virtually invisible aligners, and improvement in their smile.

Teeth Alignment Corrections Possible with Invisible Braces

Invisalign aligners correct the following dental problems.

  • Overcrowding: Crowded teeth allow little space for proper teeth alignment in the patient’s mouth and give little scope for maintaining oral hygiene, due to difficulty during brushing or flossing. This can lead to gingivitis, and tooth decay.
  • Gaps between teeth: Corrects gaps with missing teeth and growth of patient’s abnormal jaw growth.
  • Cross-bite: It corrects irregular bite occurring due to one, or more lower teeth in cross bite. This can result in uneven wear and tear causing bone erosion and gingivitis (gum disease).
  • Overbite: Invisalign aligners can prevent jaw pain and TMJ problems that may occur when a person’s upper teeth project further than, or completely cover, their lower teeth.
  • Underbite: The inverse of the overbite, in this case the lower teeth project further than, or completely cover, the patient’s upper teeth. As in the overbite, jaw pain and TMJ can eventually occur.

Advantages of Invisalign® over Metal Braces

Options for teeth alignment include conventional Metallic braces, Dental veneers, and Invisalign clear aligning trays. Key differences between Invisalign and metallic braces are:

  • Removable and Invisible: While Invisalign trays are fully removable at any time by the patient allowing additional freedom for the patient, this also requires the patient to follow time guidelines in his/ her treatment routine.
  • Convenience: Invisalign trays offer greater comfort in wearing them, with minimum inconvenience.
  • Comfort: No injuries or pain due to broken wires or sharp brackets.
  • Easy Maintenance: Invisalign clear aligners are easy to clean, wear and eat the foods you love.
  • Visible Results: Improvements are clearly seen at every stage of treatment
  • Insurance advantage: Clear aligners are covered by most insurance plans.
  • Confident Smile : Creates a confident smile at the end of the treatment while minimizing the risk of gingivitis or tooth decay resulting from crowded teeth.

Invisalign Treatment Cost in Langley Dental Centre, Langley BC

Even middle aged folks are now giving Invisalign a shot for all the benefits it offers. For many people, though, the choice comes down to cost. How much do Invisalign braces cost? Are they worth the money, or are you better off going the traditional route?

Most dental insurance plans cover Invisalign just as they would regular braces, but check with the insurance company first to determine the extent of their coverage. Invisalign treatment is now up to 50 percent faster with weekly aligner changes.

What to expect after you get your Aligners

After you are done with wearing aligners for a few months, you will be glad to see your teeth appear perfectly straight. The teeth that were previously twisted, crooked or with gaps will be corrected. You will find that biting and chewing is easier with the teeth in the correct position and will help you smile confidently with your teeth aligned.

You will not need intensive care while your aligner treatment is done to see best results. It is important to continue wearing your aligners until your orthodontist tells you that you can stop. Minor misalignments (invisible to you) will still need to be fully fixed. If you stop wearing aligners without an orthodontic consultation, you will undo all the efforts of the past months. Unlike with traditional metal braces, you will not need a lengthy appointment to remove bonded brackets and arch wires.

Some patients have small, tooth-coloured blobs of resin, called buttons, that are used to securely attach the aligners. These are removed through a quick, painless procedure by drilling away the button and polishing the tooth’s surface to remove any lingering bonding material.

You will be advised a follow-up visit a few weeks after you stop treatment to help your orthodontist check the treatment efficacy. Your orthodontist will recommend a six month or a one year follow up an appointment for the future evaluation.

Patient Testimonials :
peter (2)

“I find my clear aligners very comfortable and I can laugh confidently and need not cover my mouth anymore. The best part about Invisalign is that it is virtually invisible and nobody knows while you are under treatment. Orthodontists at Langley Dental Centre  in Langley BC are great!”…

– Peter Ruski

September 14, 2017